As a disabled person, it can be difficult to attend workshops in person, particularly as someone who is deaf. Inspiration2publication has given me the opportunity to continue learning and growing as a writer without any of these obstacles. I am incredibly grateful to be able to participate in workshops and courses of the highest quality from the comfort of home. Inspiration2publication isn’t just accessible to people who would not have normally have access either because of a disability or geography but it is also affordable. I have tried online courses from two other writing associations and a single Inspiration2publication has been more beneficial than all of them combined. They have pushed me as a writer and helped me produce more impactful work, as well as offered insight and motivation to get my work out there. I never submitted a piece before taking Inspiration2publication courses and since then I have submitted and been published several times. In a way, I have this program to thank for that. 

– Michael Whelan (AULA Alum 2008)

“SUBMIT! How to get your work out there” with Kate Maruyama
This course was like being given a golden key to a whole new world. I’ve wanted to submit my poetry for years but got overwhelmed by the internet. Kate M. is a excellent instructor, she is full of information about getting published which she generously shared while cheerleading our efforts. I submitted my first poems ever. Thank you so much, I am already recommending this course to my friends.
~Lisa Acri

“Articulating the Necessity: Writing New Poems” with Lauren Schmidt
This was a great course. I wish more people would have joined so the experience could have been that much better. The instructor was perfection – she was engaged and wrote thoughtful responses to every post.
~Jenny Stahl

“From Heartache to Hard-Ons: How to Write a Potent Sex Scene” with Antonia Crane
The saucy title of this class did not disappoint. Antonia shoved me blushing right out into oncoming traffic. I was sad when the class was over, it was the juiciest and most elicit part of my day. She gave me permission to write about all the things I am too ladylike to even whisper.
~Sandra Brekke

“The World in a Flash: Flash Prose” course with Kate Maruyama
As a poet, I have always wanted to explore more deeply the difference between prose poems and flash prose. When I won the raffle for a free class with I2P I knew Kate’s class was the one I wanted to take. Kate is a talented and smart instructor. Her knowledge and love of flash prose were evident in the variety of reading assignments and her feedback. Her ability to balance leading a class and adapting to students’ interests and schedules is exceptional. She makes teaching an online class seem effortless! I completed the class with a better understanding of flash prose, but also with several workable pieces. Above all, Kate knows writers and particularly the type of writers that would enroll in an I2P class — writers with full lives around which we are trying to find those precious moments for writing. I told her I wanted to generate new pieces in the four weeks and each week she gave us five engaging prompts each week. Moreover, Kate encouraged us to choose if we wanted to post more in the generative discussions or the workshop discussions. This is essential in working with writers because we cannot always control when and where our writing will be within a 4-week workshop. I would highly recommend this course for writers of all genres who want to dig in for some close writing and work with a seasoned writer and editor like Kate.
~Lisa Cheby

“Cranking the Flywheel: Making Poems” with Lauren Schmidt
I would like to thank you for your 4 week poetry class. The materials given opened my mind up to different ideas and methods and broadened my scope of writing. Your comments at the end will help me rework these poems into a tighter, better format. Under the guidelines, I was able to “crank out” the poems and this will only serve to help me in my future writings.
~Fred Ferguson

“The Personal Essay: Let’s Get Personal” with Andrea Tate
Thanks so much for the course! The timing was perfect and gave me the time/setting to focus on this essay. Although I’m not ready to publish, the push to list 10 journals for later submission was great because it was a simple half hour of research that pushed me through a creative block. Thanks for that!
~Arielle Silver

The most valuable part of this experience was working on one piece throughout the course. Having the continuity allowed me to spend time making an essay great rather than writing to different prompts each week.
~Angela Patel

Andrea, you created a wonderful and encouraging writing environment. You let me explore without judgement and inspired me to be my most creative.
~Laura Richardson

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