Frequently Asked Questions

What is inspiration2publication?

inspiration2publication (In2Pub) is part of Antioch University’s Continuing Education department. It is one of a number of programs designed to help you improve your work, interests, and life, which are built to accommodate busy schedules and offered in a variety of subjects for learners of all ages. We provide diverse lifelong learning programs that align with Antioch University’s mission. We support your professional development, personal growth, and commitment to community. Learn the way you learn best. Programs are available either in-person or online. Scheduling is convenient. Study at your own pace, evenings, days, or weekends!

In2Pub is designed to appeal to writers at all stages of their writing career, from raw beginners to experienced professionals working on their second or third books. Our mission is to provide affordable online creative writing classes and writing coaching for the widest possible range of writers in every writing community. Our values are grounded in social justice, tolerance, and inclusion. We welcome everyone and support unique, personal, and human narrative in creative, business, and academic writing.

Will you help me to publish my work?

We cannot promise you will be published, but we can guarantee that our instructors are there to help you improve your writing to ready it for the market and to offer you any advice you may need on submitting your work to agents, editors, and journals.

When I take a class, will I have to log in at a specific time?

Our classes are asynchronous, which means that even if you have a full time job or a crazy schedule, you can duck into our classes at any time of the day or night to complete your work or participate in our online discussions. If you have a few days where you can’t get to your classes, that’s fine! Just log in when you can and catch up with what’s going on.

What do I need to take an In2Pub writing classes?

You will need a computer with internet capability and a keyboard.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

About our classes or any technical issues: i2p@antioch.edu

About writing coaching: i2pbookcoaching@antioch.edu

We look forward to hearing from you!

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