Frequently Asked Questions

What is inspiration2publication?

inspiration2publication is a program of MFA in Creative Writing of Antioch University Los Angeles. inspiration2publication is designed to appeal to writers at all stages of their writing career, from raw beginners to experienced professionals working on their second or third books.

Our mission is to provide affordable online creative writing classes and writing coach options for the widest possible range of writers in every writing community.

How is inspiration2publication related to Antioch’s MFA in Creative Writing program?

inspiration2publication is staffed exclusively by alumni of Antioch’s MFA program and our classes are taught by alumni and graduate trainees.

Will you help me to publish my work?

We cannot promise you will be published, but we can guarantee that our coaches and instructors are there to help you improve your writing to ready it for the market and to offer you any advice you may need on submitting your work to agents, editors and journals.


What is writing coaching?

Writing coaching is hands-on one-on-one help with your writing. With our trained writing coaches, you can, on a month by month basis, produce new work, revise old work, polish work to ready it for our market. Writing coaches will give you involved, professional feedback that will energize you to go into your next rewrite with clear goals and directives. You will achieve a realistic, professionally based understanding of your present strengths and challenges as a literary writer.

Who are inspiration2publication’s writing coaches?

Our writing coaches are made up of accomplished, published  alumni of our MFA program. They are experts from a variety of areas such as non-fiction, memoir, poetry, literary fiction, genre fiction and writing for young people. If you have any specific questions, feel free to write to us at i2pbookcoaching@antioch.edu

How does book coaching work?

When you sign up for a writing coach package, you are getting a month to produce or revise twenty pages of work. You and your coach can work out whether you would like to hand in five pages a week or twenty pages all in one chunk for line notes. Once you receive your notes, you and your writing coach can correspond should you have any additional questions about your work and the next step. This relationship works much like a mentorship in an MFA program.

What is manuscript review and how does it work?

A manuscript review is in place for you to submit your manuscript in 100 page increments. A writing coach will read your manuscript, provide you with global notes and clear advice for revision. They will also do page notes on five pages per each 100 pages of manuscript, to give you an idea of how they might work as a writing coach, or to deal with an area of the manuscript where you think you need detailed help. If you have a manuscript review, you are entitled to one or two email follow ups should you have any questions about the next step for your work.

Who should I pick as a writing coach?

Review our list of writing coaches and their writing coaching philosophies here and you will likely find the coach that you’d most like to work with. If you have any further questions or specific concerns about which coach is right for you, feel free to write to i2pbookcoaching@antioch.edu.


How does an online writing class work?

Our classes are set up on Edvance360, which is one of the smoothest Learning Management Systems we’ve ever worked with. Once you have bought the classes, you will be given simple instructions for signing up with Edvance and setting up an account. Then you’ll be off and running, reading prepared lessons from our expert instructors, doing assignments, participating in dynamic online discussions with our instructors.

Most of our classes are four weeks long, with new lessons posted each week. Here is a screencast with a brief tour of our online classroom, just so you can see what it looks like.

When I take a class, will I have to log in at a specific time?

Our classes are asynchronous, which means that even if you have a full time job or a crazy schedule, you can duck into our classes at any time of the day or night to complete your work or participate in our online discussions. If you have a few days where you can’t get to your classes, that’s fine! Just log in when you can and catch up with what’s going on.

What do I need to take an inspiration2publication writing classes?

You will need a computer with internet capability and a keyboard. The rest is provided by edvance360. The program does run on tablets, though not as smoothly.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

You may write to us about our classes at: i2p@antioch.edu

About writing coaching at: i2pbookcoaching@antioch.edu

Or any technical issues at: i2p@antioch.edu

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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