Spanner, Slammer, Socket: Building a Poet’s Toolbox with Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo –  January 22 – February 26, 2018

PoetsToolboxIn this four-week course, those new to poetry will be introduced to essential craft tools and be given plenty of exercises for building new work with added guidance for tightening what materializes on the page. We will be paying special attention to figurative language, imagery, sound, line and word choice, as the building blocks to creating fresh and compelling poetry. Read more and register…

Your Voice Inside the Picture: Ekphrastic Poetry with Adrian Ernesto Cepeda –  February 19 – March 12, 2018

YourVoiceYou can find inspiration for poetry everywhere! In this two-week workshop, we’ll create poetry, using Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr as sparks of visual inspiration. You will learn the craft of ekphrastic poetry. Taking images from your cell phone or computer, you will look at your social media feed in a whole new way, as a launching pad for your own creative vision.  And at the end of two weeks, you will walk away with a few fantastic ekphrastic poems of your own. Read more and register…


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