Shaping the Queer Voice with Ken Pienkos, August 14 – September 11, 2017

Queer VoiceThis class will support writers through the process of individual and specific craft prompts to explore character and situation development with their voices. We encourage an open dialogue that is not prescriptive; rather it will be supportive of a wide range of style, theme, and personality among writers who embrace “otherness.” Read more and register…

Art of the Query Letter: How to Woo an Agent from the Slush Pile with Lilly Barels, September 11 – September 25, 2017

Query Letter

So, you wrote a book and now it’s waiting to be on bookshelves. If you aren’t planning to self-publish and the owner of Penguin Random House isn’t your cousin, then you probably need a literary agent. Join me for this 2-week crash course that’ll get you down and dirty with the elusive query letter. We’ll use real examples that worked–including mine! And create a plan of action for taking your query into the world of literary agent slush piles. Read more and register…

Learn from the Best: Redefining the Personal Essay with Andrea Tate, September 11 – September 25, 2017

Personal Essay.jpgIn this two- week generative essay writing class, we will look for inspiration in work from some of the best personal essayists while investigating the current climate of the personal essay. Using in-class prompts, you will write the first draft of your own essay. Read more and register…


SUBMIT! How to Get Your Work Out There with Kate Maruyama,September 25 – October 9, 2017

Stack of magazines

You can write and write and get better, but unless you submit your work widely, it might never meet its readers. Submitting your work takes courage, persistence and knowhow. So many people give up after one or two rejections. Learn how to effectively submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry and articles to literary journals, online journals and other publications. Read more and register…


Your Voice Inside the Picture: Poetry with Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, September 25 – October 9, 2017

YourVoiceThis two-week workshop is geared towards writers who are eager to explore the art of writing poetry by using Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr as a spark of visual inspiration. If you are visually inspired by photographs and artwork, then my class is for you. We will learn the craft of ekphrastic poetry, taking those images from your cell phone, bookmarks and social media feed, and reflect your impressions on the page by using the art of poetry. Read more and register…

Let’s Write a Short Story with Natalie Truhan, October 9 – November 6, 2017

short-story_300x500This course will take you from story inception to a finished draft through several stages of revision. Along the way, you will learn elements of a short story. Our goal is creating a story that, as the writer Michael Swanwick put it, “is like a knife–strongly made, well balanced, and with an absolute minimum of moving parts.” Read more and register


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