Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald


Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald is author of 23 books, includingThe Superstitious Romance, which hit Amazon best-seller list March 27-29, 2016 in Romance and Inspirational categories. She has published in a wide range of genres from historical fiction, mystery, sweet romance, quote books, picture books, middle-grade, cross-curriculum workbooks, and women’s fiction to self-help and business.

She also published in numerous magazines, includingWomen’s World, wrote the script for the movie, “Only Once” staring featuring Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Austin O’Brien. She was a script consultant for several other independent films, including bestselling Christian film, Christmas Mission.

She is also a creative coach for the past 14 years and has been a former radio show host. She can be found at and her current fiction written under a pseudo name

Lisa J. Peck-MacDonald’s Book Coaching Statement:

My first rule of book coaching is to create a safe place for both the author and the work to go on a journey to help create the best version of the work. I stay in-tune to the author’s vision through the process.

I approach from a curious place. What is this work? What does it want to be? What is working extremely well? What would make it work even better to make the story the best it can be? I examine things such as the overall arc of the plot, characterization develop, embodied setting, voice and much more.

I look at what is the strengths of the writer and how can it be capitalized on that? Where does this book fit in the wide landscape of literary world? What would make it stand out in the marketplace that only this author could do? What is unique about the work? What is the unique gift about the author?

I have a tendency to prefer more upmarket and commercial works, but do appreciate literary as long there is some gripping issue or intriguing plot line even if it is loose or a very engaging voice.

I also look at the book through the lens of the reader. What would confuse them? (Not that everything needs to be understood, but at least let the reader have a general idea of what is going on.) What will engage the reader even more? Is the story fully developed? What could be done to make this the most engaging tale possible?

I love helping authors make their work, their career, and their vision sing.

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