Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore

Genre: Fiction 

Jamie Moore is the author of Our Small Faces (ELJ Publications, 2013). She received her MFA in fiction from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She was born and raised between several neighborhoods in Santa Rosa, California. Jamie works as Co-Fiction Editor of Blackberry: A Magazine and as an Associate Editor of Lunch Ticket Magazine. She is an alumna of the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop, VONA, and the Mendocino Writers Workshop. Her work has appeared in Moonshot Magazine, Emerge Literary Journal, Drunk Monkeys and Blackberry: A Magazine. As a mixed kid, she is obsessed with writing about the spaces between. She expresses this through her blog Mixed Reader and as the Co-Literary Coordinator of the Mixed Remixed festival. She lives in California with her large family and currently works as a community college English professor. This way, she gets to indulge in both of her passions: talking about the written word and bridging cultural connections. You can find her on Twitter @mixedreader or the Our Small Faces Facebook page.

Jamie’s Book Coaching Statement
Writing and revising a novel is often like wandering into the dark. I believe that the job of the book coach is to light the lampposts that will guide you through the process of completing your draft. I would like to help you accentuate what working in your manuscript while identifying areas that can be strengthened using a variety of craft tools. Character and conflict are the driving forces of narrative, so I enjoy focusing on the development of voice and challenging the characters.

Editing for clarity and conciseness are also important aspects of this process, and I will work to provide suggestions within the manuscript as well as editing references to keep your writing crisp and the story moving. It isn’t always easy to face critique on a manuscript that you’ve invested a lot into. However, I want to approach book coaching as a partnership between the writer and myself in which we honestly address what may be holding the manuscript back, and celebrate the development of your work.

Book Coaching with Jamie Moore

Manuscript Review with Jamie Moore 

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