Dana L. Stringer


Genre: Poetry

Dana L. Stringer is a poet, playwright, freelance writer, and instructor.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles and a BA from Morehead State University.  Her debut collection of poetry, In Between Faith, was published in 2014, and she has been a featured poet in various venues across the country.  Dana’s work has appeared in literary journals as well as anthologies.  She has also served as a contributing writer and associate editor for online and print outlets.  In addition, Dana is a produced playwright and a member of Working Title Playwrights.  Her produced plays and staged readings include:  Looter, Secret Life in a Sacred House, Colored in Winter, Solomon’s Porch, The Costume Waver, ID, and Kinsman Redeemer.  Dana is currently an instructional facilitator at Antioch University Los Angeles and an academic writing tutor for a nationally recognized eLearning corporation, serving colleges, universities, libraries, and school districts.  She is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information, visit:  http://www.danastringer.com.

Dana’s Book Coaching Statement 

As a book coach, my first priority is to embrace your vision for your poetry. Initially, the vision may be unclear, but together we will embark upon a journey of exploration and discovery in identifying emerging patterns as well as recurring images, themes, words, sounds, and ideas in your work.

As a poet, you have your own unique way of “saying” and “playing” on paper, and part of that involves taking risks and being challenged to consider interesting possibilities with your poems. Therefore, our journey together will involve a certain degree of inquiry: Why is the poem happening? What is the poem enacting? And can the poem make us feel something?

I believe that poets draw inspiration and insight from various things—paintings, photographs, music, culture, other poets and poems, or simply writing exercises. We will put effort into recognizing what informs your work and what essentially keeps you writing and rewriting.

Mary Kinzie said, “What a poet keeps out of a poem is as necessary to its success as what the poet lets into it.” I believe that writing is a craft but revision is an art; therefore, I will encourage you to fall in love with the revision process. Ultimately, my desire is to guide and assist you in skillfully navigating through the marvelous world of language in order to create a stylized work of art.

Book Coaching with Dana L. Stringer 

Manuscript Review with Dana L. Stringer

Mask Appeal: Creating Compelling Persona Poems


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