Queering Up KidLit

by Adrien Kade Sdao The first time I laid eyes on a copy of George by Alex Gino, I was working in an independent bookstore, receiving deliveries. When I pulled the book out of the box, I saw the rainbow-lettered title, a kid peeking out through the O, and I dropped everything I was doing … Continue reading Queering Up KidLit

The Power of Picture Books

by Adrien Kade Sdao I’ve seen the power of picture books. As a bookseller, I’ve always felt most comfortable working in the kids’ section. The world of picture books is full of unique, emotional, funny, complex narratives. I never get tired of watching a smile bloom on a kid or parent’s face after I hand … Continue reading The Power of Picture Books

5 Basic Pro Tips on Writing Screenplays

The gatekeepers of Hollywood, the ones who decide if your script meets the eyes of a producer or executive or an actor, they are all people who read thousands of scripts for a living. And they are tired. And they have seen it all. They are looking for something new, different and engaging. Here are some takeaways from reading two decades’ worth of scripts. Some simple things that can make or break the read of a script.

Your Short Story is an Audio Movie

by Robert Morgan Fisher In addition to writing and teaching, I have a lot of experience as a professional voice actor. And for a few years now, I’ve been recording many of my short stories. It’s made me a better writer—reading one’s work aloud is always useful. These days, there are many opportunities for writers … Continue reading Your Short Story is an Audio Movie

Practice, Practice, Practice: 5 Quick Tips for Jump Starting your Writing Career

by Kate Maruyama The old adage goes: How do you get to Carnegie hall? Practice, practice, practice. Writing is a practice. Like exercise. We need to become accustomed to doing it regularly, and though “regularly” is different for everyone, it is likely the most successful approach to writing. The most common question from my students … Continue reading Practice, Practice, Practice: 5 Quick Tips for Jump Starting your Writing Career

The Gift of Writing

Portrait of the author as the baby of an author.   by Kate Maruyama The summer after I first had my son, when he was three months old, my mom sent me a check, in the memo at the bottom was scrawled, “babysitter.” I called her, a bit miffed, we had just had the kid, … Continue reading The Gift of Writing

Student Testimonial

As a disabled person, it can be difficult to attend workshops in person, particularly as someone who is deaf. Inspiration2publication has given me the opportunity to continue learning and growing as a writer without any of these obstacles. I am incredibly grateful to be able to participate in workshops and courses of the highest quality … Continue reading Student Testimonial

“Let Me See You Once More:” Finding, Restoring, and Amplifying Marginalized Voices that Build Community

  By Precious Rasheeda Muhammad   By the time Old Lizzy Gray’s enslaver Dr. E. J. Mims buried her in a granite sarcophagus on his South Carolina plantation in 1860, she had 127 years’ worth of stories built up in her. Stories from lives lived on two different continents. One as a free Muslim in … Continue reading “Let Me See You Once More:” Finding, Restoring, and Amplifying Marginalized Voices that Build Community

Finding “Flow”

by Jacquie Cope I've longed to write fiction for as long as I can remember, probably since the moment I was able to read. Paradoxically, for most of my life, I never wrote a word. First, I was always too wrapped up in other pressing issues – education, work, kids—to get much, or actually anything, … Continue reading Finding “Flow”

Poem-a-Day as Practice

By Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo I am not a morning pages poet, nor am I a write everyday poet. To write every day, or close to every day, is something I have to work at, and by work I mean, it takes trickery. It takes a challenge like Poem-A-Day that happens every April for National Poetry Month. … Continue reading Poem-a-Day as Practice