Poem-a-Day as Practice

By Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo I am not a morning pages poet, nor am I a write everyday poet. To write every day, or close to every day, is something I have to work at, and by work I mean, it takes trickery. It takes a challenge like Poem-A-Day that happens every April for National Poetry Month. … Continue reading Poem-a-Day as Practice

Passion in the Picture: Ekphrastic Poetry

by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda When I walked into Francesca Lia Block’s Antioch University seminar, The Importance of Social Media for the Contemporary Writer, I had no idea my life would be changed and inspired. Francesca highlighted the growing trend of the most successful writers linking to their fans, followers and other writers by using social media … Continue reading Passion in the Picture: Ekphrastic Poetry