Welcome to In2Pub!

in2pub logo oldOur mission is to provide affordable online writing classes and writing coaching for the widest possible range of writers in every writing community.

Our values are grounded in social justice, tolerance, and inclusion. We welcome everyone and support unique, personal, and human narrative in creative, business, and academic writing.

We offer beginning and advanced classes in fiction, non-fiction, & poetry, as well as classes in professional, business, and academic development. Writing classes for everyone. Our generative classes will help you create real pieces and give you the tools to get them ready for publication. Our professional development classes will give you practical tools to support communications and all of your writing narratives.

  • learn where to submit your work or query an agent
  • learn how to record your work for upload or how to pitch your work to editors
  • learn how to use practical tools for real results

With a variety of knowledge and backgrounds from crafting work through publication, our faculty provides practical tools for real results. Many of our students go on to publish their works created in classrooms.

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